Adding Sitecore OrderCloud to your JSS website

Alexander Doroshenko
Alexander Doroshenko
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Our team has recently updated Sitecore Headless demo site to include new integrations and in this this blog post I'll provide step by step instructions on how to integrate Sitecore OrderCloud into your new or existing JSS website. I will use the latest version of the Styleguide JSS sample (NextJS variant) as an example.

Take into account

The example is based on WIP version of the repo, so instead of referencing NPM packages I will copy some code from there. Once the packages are released to NPM, I will update this blog post and simplify the sample code.

Configuring Dependencies

I will be using TypeScript to build OrderCloud components, so if you don't have it enabled yet (it lives alongside standard .js components), you will start with:

npm install --save typescript @types/node @types/react @types/react-dom @types/jest

Also, the sample OrderCloud components use Redux, so you'll need to install:

npm install @reduxjs/toolkit
npm install react-redux

Finally, let's install OrderCloud JavaScript SDK

npm install ordercloud-javascript-sdk --save

OrderCloud components

Next, I will copy the files from into the project folder.

This folder follows a general pattern:

  • ./ordercloud/redux/REDUCER_NAME/index.ts - This is where we use createSlice to build up the reducer and asyncThunk actions. Some folders contain separate action files to help make the code more organized.
  • ./ordercloud/hooks/useReducerName.ts - Some reducers come with their own React Hook to help make interacting with OrderCloud data easier when developing individual components. Not all hooks are directly related to a single reducer, some use more than one reducer state to accomplish tasks.
  • ./ordercloud/components/ComponentName.tsx - These are the React components that take advantage of our application store through the useSelector hook. They also might make use of our custom React hooks which live inside the ./lib folder. Some of them dispatch actions that live in the ./redux folder using the useDispatch hook.
  • ./ordercloud/utils/utilityName.ts - These are helper functions that enhance the javascript development experience with OrderCloud.

Enabling OrderCloud data provider

Now we can start integrating OrderCloud components into the project. For React-based JSS site you need to change AppRoot.js and for my NextJS example I will update _app.tsx

import OcProvider from '../ordercloud/redux/ocProvider'

const ocConfig = {
  clientId: '9596A5CD-C132-44A9-A67F-97709806B192', /* This is the client ID of your seeded OrderCloud organization */
  baseApiUrl: '', /* API Url, leave as is for Sandbox */
  scope: ['Shopper'], /* Default user role */
  allowAnonymous: Boolean("true") /* Whether anonymous product browsing is allowed */

and then you can wrap your component (NextJS) (or SitecoreContent in React) into OcProvider:

      <OcProvider config={ocConfig}>
        <Component {} />

Using OrderCloud data in JSS components

You can now add OcProductList component to any existing JSS component at the site (no matter .js or .tsx one) and the rest will be handled by the code from /ordercloud.

import OcProductList from "../ordercloud/components/OcProductList"
import {getMasterImageUrl} from "./ProductDetail";

const getListImage = (p) => {
  return `${getMasterImageUrl(p)}&t=w400`


<OcProductList options={{pageSize:4, categoryID: "Golf"}} imgSrcMap={getListImage} columns={{xs:2}} hrefMap={p => `/products/${p.ID}`}/>

In the example above, I'm simply loading 4 products from the "Golf" category, but it can be easily customized to enable facets, search, pagination and more!

Product List

Next steps

Try out the sample project here:, it includes everything you need to get started (all the keys, ids, etc.), just run:

npm install
npm start

The example also includes a product details page implemented via custom route.

Product Detail

The updates to the repository are about to be pushed, and they will include more advanced examples including category browse and ContentHub to OrderCloud mapping.