Video - Sitecore Headless Services and Experience Edge 20.0.0

Scott Mulligan
Scott Mulligan
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In this video, we are using the Sitecore Demo Portal to spin up and instance of Sitecore 10.2 with the latest versions of:

  • Headless Services (20.0.0)
  • Experience Edge (20.0.0)
  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator (10.2.0)

While the video walkthrough uses the Sitecore Demo Portal, you can use any instance of Sitecore 10.2 that has a publicly available URL and the listed modules installed.

This video walkthrough focuses on the following:

  • Use the latest version of the Sitecore JSS CLI (version 20.0.3) to initialize a new JSS app
  • Configure the JSS app with SXA (item based configuration) instead of using the standard JSS app configuration (file based configuration)
  • Push JSS app items to a remote instance of Sitecore XM
  • Run and develop with your JSS app locally
  • Deploy your JSS app to Vercel and hook up editing (Experience Editor & Horizon)
  • Configure Experience Edge and switch your JSS app to query against Experience Edge

Sitecore Demo Portal - Exploring Headless Services and Experience Edge