Welcome (again) to Our Humble Blog relaunch

Yes, we exist. Yes, we build cool things. Here's a quick intro about what types of posts you may find contained herein!

The Team

Welcome to our blog! Whether you are familiar with our GitHub repositories or are new to our work, we are excited to introduce you to the dynamic team behind the Sitecore Demo assets and give you a glimpse of the work we do.

Our Team Members

Our team is a blend of versatile talents, each contributing in varied areas with a natural focus.

Jean-François (J.F.) Larente

  • Title: Director, Demo Solutions

  • Areas of Focus: Product Management, Team Management, any other responsibilities as needed.

Scott Mulligan

  • Title: Product Manager

  • Areas of Focus: Demo Stories, Guided Walkthroughs, CMS and DAM expert and serves as the technical glue for composable products.

Alexander Doroshenko

  • Title: Principal Software Developer and Team Lead

  • Areas of Focus: Master of the board, demo portal guru and integration ninja.

Neli Kostadinova

  • Title: Front-end Developer

  • Areas of Focus: Specializing in NextJS and React to develop seamless and dynamic user interfaces, focusing on performance, reusability, and user experience.

Christos Papoutsakis

  • Title: Front-end Developer

  • Areas of Focus: Leveraging expertise in React and NextJS to create intuitive, efficient, and scalable front-end solutions, with a focus on responsive design and optimal user interaction.

Todor Stoyanov

  • Title: Web Designer

  • Areas of Focus: Todor is the creative force specializing in UX design, focusing on crafting intuitive and compelling user experiences through every visual and interactive element.

What We Do

Sales Demo

Our team's primary role is to equip the Sitecore Sales Organization with the necessary demo assets to demonstrate the extensive capabilities of our products. We diligently work to implement the latest features of new Sitecore versions as promptly as possible, making the demo assets available shortly after the product's general availability.

Deployment and Hosting

Beyond providing demo assets, our team ensures an effortless deployment of the latest demo assets for the Sales Engineering group. Our team now manages not only traditional but also SaaS demo instances through our developed self-service portal, accessible only to Sitecore employees. This portal allows a user to request a demo instance with just a few clicks, subsequently receiving an email once their instance is ready to use.

Other Programs We Support

Apart from our mainstream work, we also support the Guided Demo Walkthroughs available on sitecore.com, offering users a structured and informative exploration of Sitecore. Additionally, we assist the product marketing team with analyst briefing demos and engage in special projects, including video production, to enhance the overall presentation and understanding of our products.

Open-Source Demo Assets

We are committed to sharing our code, assets, and experiences with the community. The aim is to deliver quality while addressing the specific needs and ensuring timely completion. Our repositories are available for anyone interested in learning about the deployment of assets and contributing to the development.

What You’ll See Here

  • Insight into what’s in the demo (Marketing features, stories, etc.)

  • Integration tutorials.

  • DevOps posts focusing on our build pipelines, developer workflows, and image layering.

  • Quick tips, learnings, and ‘gotchas’.

  • Discussions on issues found and possible solutions or workarounds.

Feel free to explore and interact with our work. We are excited to share our journey and learnings with you!